Benefits of Calendula Cream

People have been talking about the health benefits of calendula cream for the skin, but do they really know about its origin, its substances, and its overall functions? The cream has been available at drugstores or herb stores since they are considered as homeopathic medicines, but not many people know what contained inside the cream itself.

The calendula cream is basically made from lanolin or fat solid base from veggies oil which is infused with calendula marigold flowers, such as the pot marigold or the garden variant. Due to the contents which are rich in anti-oxidants, the cream is believed to prevent early aging and skin damage as well as helping out the skin to repel any dangerous free radicals and pollutants. The cream is also rich in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory traits that can help the skin when it's burnt, wounded, or injured.

The usage of calendula cream has dated back to the ancient time of the Greeks and Egyptians. The cream has been used to cure skin issues as herbal property that won't cause any side effects. That's why people can make their own cream, if they are not interested in buying one from the pharmacies. Most homeopath practitioners are usually making their own cream.

There are several health benefits of using this calendula cream. Since the cream is mostly used as a topical substance (applied on the skin for external usage), it can be absorbed by the skin pores in order to enhance the skin appearance as well as the performance. The benefits are:
- It can be used to prevent dry skin as the veggies oil substance will keep the skin moist and moisturized all the time.
- It can be used to provide soothing effect and feeling for skin irritation and also redness. If people suffer from psoriasis or eczema, they can apply the cream on the affected area and see the improved result.
- It can be used to prevent dermatitis issue that usually happens to patients with high exposure to radiation. Patients with cancer who have to deal with radiation therapy are often given this cream to prevent any skin problems.
- It can be used to treat and cure wounds. When people have burns, bruise, or cuts on the skin, they only need to apply the cream on the affected area. The substances within the cream will prevent any possibilities of infection and boost healing process. The bruises and the cuts will be gone in no time and the possibility of any scars will be much minimized.
- It can also be used to provide soothing effect for any bug sting or bite. In case people are stung by a bee or other insects that can cause swelling and redness, they need to apply the cream directly on the affected area and the pain will go away.

As it was mentioned before, people can make their own calendula cream, but why bother if they can simply purchase one from the pharmacies or herb stores? Besides, all creams are basically safe and they won't cause any side effects. They are also affordable and easy to find.

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